Cloud Aesthetics Shared Intimacies

This work explores the manipulation of emotion and privacy within immersive mixed reality. The work uses a number of tracking techniques to allow the user to immerse themselves in a virtual musical interface that very much situates in the virtual. Traditional aesthetic techniques in this space (from the 1980s) have been juxtaposed with a unique audio manipulation interface that uses collision and the concept of explosion and the Spectacle, as discussed by Guy Debord.

The project explores (metaphorically) how cloud computing will interact with the body as data, contributing to contemporary understandings of identification in order to contribute to this genealogy of post-biological identity construction.

With the advent of representation (also personal archiving) came the creation of static data body banks: material archive networks of identities and identification systems. Cloud computing offers a dynamic replacement for previous systems that allows for fluidity of size and shape, along with individual participants and the communities interacting with it. In cloud system environment hybrids, autonomy defines identity rather than the summation of material elements, through the process of selection and editing of data. It is difference and repetition that constitutes the actors and their roles in these networks

This metaphor of data body banking, through autonomous selection in cloud based mixed reality will be discussed, in reference to Deleuze and Guattariā€™s Body Without Organs, to explore the psycho-topographical relationship between viscera/matter, the body without organs and embodied data.

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