Eco-Syncretic Deterritorialisation

This work investigated the relationship between location, friendship and weather. Dedicated to computational pioneer Gilles Deleuze and Alexander Rodchenko, the work visualises environmental data from different locations into a single real time visual feed that was accessed both online and in 2 gallery locations, one in Manchester and one in Perth. The work sought to provide a novel response to the notions of loneliness caused by locational distance. 

Based on the mobile construction sculptures of Alexander Rodchenko. This work takes a live weather stream from a weather station in the suburb of Victoria Park in Perth, sends the data to a streaming platform called Pachube, where it is streamed into a Java application that has been written to use these  weather data values to manipulate the speed, colour, composition and size of a number of spinning rings, based on the form of Rodchenko’s  Spatial Constructions Series (1920-1921) , particularly the work Construcción espacial nº8.

The work also investigates Deleuze and Guatarri’s concept of Deterritorialisation, in that the work removed weather conditions from a traditional sensory atmospheric output, instead implementing data relating to it into a feedback loop, that determines the perpetual motion and form of a moving cyclic construct, in reference to Russian Constructivist ideas relating to technological development and reductionism. This artwork is an attempt to reduce the uncontrollable force of weather and the atmosphere into a microcosmic formal, codified structure. In other words I manipulate the weather’s behavior, rather than it manipulating mine!

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