Horizo.data_ɐʇɐp ̇ozıɹoH

This project was developed during an NBN Geek in Residence Project. NBN Geeks in Residence was a pilot scheme by the Australia Council for the Arts as an extension of the successful Geek in Residence program. The project placed two artistically confident and technicians/technically confident artists (Julian Stadon & Alex Parker) in two of the first rollout areas of the National Broadband Network to act as consultants to local artists and arts organisations.

 The work collaborates atmospheric data from three remote locations: Armidale, Brunswick and Calgary to the interior of the NBN Smart House living room that was the residency home base. The links were from the actually location in Armidale, NSW, Brunswick, Victoria (where the other Geek in Residence was stationed) and Calgary (where the server that streamed the weather data used for the project was housed). 

The natural conditions of each space merged  into a dynamic horizontal digital line, created via streaming data across the new Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) this project, along with the others developed during this residency really enforced the benefits of fast high bandwidth data transfer (something that the current Abbot government seems to have no foresight regarding nor interest in).  The real time representation of weather data in such systems offers an opportunity for a remediation of data that strives for a more cohesive representational model than data visualisation. While this work features also, as a visualisation, through it’s customizable locations and real time input and responsive behavior, it proposes that we can move beyond arbitrary methods of articulating natural phenomena in ways  that align better with intuitive models of existence.

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